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I'm a 19 year-old pansexual Mexican-American feminist who identifies as female. My name is Elsa Marie. I own two sugar gliders named Dior and Chanel. I hate rude/mean/tactless people and papayas.


I cannot tell you how distressed I get

When Mom starts wacking poor little mice into walls and over balconies with broomsticks.

Poor critter.

We first found it curled up on hand towels on the floor, alas it was just looking for somewhere comfy to die. (we’ve got poison rigged for the sorry mice)

I took a picture of it before we realized it was alive.

It was really spooked- as soon as it crawled off I tried to coax it into a box, but Mom just came at it with a broom…and then….

Ack. Poor Dear, poor thing. I could cry it was so tiny with it’s little translucent grey paws and raising,¬†agitated, little chest.

Not a nice way to go getting poisoned and smacked into places with brooms. 

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